So, you’ve decided to see a Chiropractor? Perhaps you’re looking for a new Chiropractor (it happens!)? Perhaps you’ve recently moved to the area? Whatever brings you to our website, we hope we’ve got you covered.

Naturally, we adapt to each person who walks through our doors and vary our approach depending on how you present… but here you’ll find some general information about what to expect at your first visit.


Well, firstly you’ll phone us (or use our contact form on this website) to arrange an appointment. We have 3 Chiropractors and have recently increased our opening hours – this has reduced the wait time for booking in a first visit. Hopefully we’ll find you an appointment within a reasonable time frame so that we don’t look like we’ve fibbed to you! If not, we know some other awesome Chiropractors in the area too.

To book in your appointment we’ll need your full name and your best contact number. We like to know how you heard about us too, just so we can thank that person if we see them in the practice. That said, if you’ve stumbled over our website with out any particular person recommending us, we won’t hold it against you! Let us know if you’ve seen a Chiropractor before and whether or not you have any recent (within the past 2 years) x-rays or scans that would assist our Chiropractors with their assessment.

We take a thorough health history before seeing you to make sure we can safely and effectively do our thing. That thing = adjust you. We’ll ask you to come in 10 minutes earlier than your appointment time to complete some paperwork, or we can email you the forms to fill out before hand. That’s step one!

Welcome to our practice! You’ve arrived. You’ve either brought your paperwork in with you, or you’re here to fill it in. It’s lovely to meet you.

You’ve met one of our lovely Chiropractic Assistants, they’ve opened a file for you, and you’re ready to see your Chiropractor. You’ll be taken to one of our consulting rooms (with a garden view of course!) and your Chiropractor will go through your history with you, and discuss why you’ve come to see us.

We think informed consent is super important! Your Chiropractor will let you know what we do and will address any questions you have. You’ll be informed of any risks and reactions to care, and what you may experience before, during or after an adjustment. They’ll check with you before proceeding with any form of examination, adjustment or care plan.

If you’re ready to proceed, let’s take a look. Depending on what’s going on for you, we’ll perform a series of assessments. This could include us checking your posture, range of motion, functional movement, proprioception, brain-body communication, body-brain communication, neurological indicators or any range of other tests that may help to tell us how your body is functioning.

If you require x-rays, we do them on site. There is only so much information we can obtain from physical, functional and visual assessments. If we need to see your spine in detail, we may recommend a set of x-rays be taken. Here we go again with the informed consent! We’ll let you know the reasons and associated risks with having x-rays and make sure you understand these before proceeding.

What happens next? This part is much harder for us to predict before we’ve even met! This will depend on why you have come to see us, and what your Chiropractor finds. Essentially, they’ll have a discussion with you about whether or not they can help you, and what they recommend as an approach for your care.

This is where you get to decide if you want to take that approach or not! It’s all about you, remember.

We’re sure there are other things you would like to know about your first visit with us? So, here are a couple of questions that may help you:

Do you need a referral to see a Chiropractor?
No-siree. Just give us a call – you’re the one who gets to choose how you do health and life.

Do you need to bring anything with you?
If you’ve had x-rays recently taken, they are handy. If you’ve seen another Chiropractor, their notes are also handy. These things aren’t essential as we will still need to collect our own information based on how you are when you come in. There really is nothing you NEED to bring with you. Except perhaps your personal belongings, which brings me to the next question…

How much does your first visit cost?
Crazily we don’t work for free. Whilst we love what we do THAT much, we still find that other people expect us to pay bills so we can’t possibly work for free. Therefore, you will need to bring your purse or wallet. An initial consult with us costs $140. If you require x-rays, we do those on-site and they are an additional cost (depending on what you require – ranges from $60-$120).

Where are we located?
We are at 71 Belair Road, Kingswood. We are next door to Eynesbury House, on the eastern side of Belair Rd – opposite the Coles service station. Our building is set back from the road, and there is a car park that you can pull in to. If the car park is full, there is also parking at the back of the building or on nearby streets. Please don’t park on surrounding business’s properties.

We look forward to meeting you!

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