We hope you find these resources useful to further support your Chiropractic care.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you are after something more specific to your own situation.

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Sit, Sleep, Stand guides

These downloadable guides are designed to keep your body happy and healthy – learn how to sit, sleep and stand in the best way possible, given you spend so much of your life doing them! We will soon be recording a video series with further tips and advice on sitting, sleeping and standing – watch this space!

How to choose your perfect pillow

Wondering how to get your pillow just-right? Wonder no more! Whether you’re looking for a new pillow, or need some ideas on adjusting your current one, take a look at Harriet’s quick tips…

Straighten Up Australia stretches

Adapted from exercises created by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, this 3 minute set of stretches is perfect for you to keep your body and spine moving at home. Movement is life, especially when it comes to your spine and nervous system! Let us know if you need any guidance with them.

Try creating a habit for yourself to do them just before or after you brush your teeth. Ideally you’d do these twice per day as part of your health routine, but they can also be used when you notice you’ve been sitting or inactive for a while.

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