As you may have heard, there are some new COVID-related regulations here in South Australia for health facilities. This includes us, and therefore impacts you.

So we’ve put together a summary of everything you need to know before you next come in for an adjustment. As always, we’ll do our best to implement these new rules with the resources we have available and to keep both you and us safe and healthy. It seems to be a regularly changing situation so check back in here regularly if you’re note sure on something, or visit the SA Gov COVID website.


Here’s what you need to know…


Everyone on site must wear a face mask. This includes us and you.

If you have a face mask already, please bring it with you to your next appointment and put it on before you walk in to the building. If you don’t have one, we will have some single-use surgical masks available but in the interests of reducing the impact on the environment we’d love it if you brought your own.

There are some exceptions to wearing masks:
– Children under 12 years of age
– Anyone with a relevant medical condition, including problems with breathing, a serious condition of the face, a disability or a mental health condition
– To enable communication with or by any person who is deaf or hard of hearing, or where the ability to see the mouth is essential to communication
– Where the wearing of a mask will hinder the provision of the relevant care

So what does this look like in our practice?
– Do not wear a mask when face down on the table as you will have great difficulty breathing. Our tables are cleaned between each appointment, and our practitioners will leave their own masks on.
– Wearing a mask while having x-rays taken can impact on our ability to position you properly. Please remove your mask when you enter the x-ray room – our practitioners will leave their masks on.
– We will not discriminate against or refuse care to anyone who can’t wear a mask for the above reasons. Please be conscious of this when you’re in our practice and see someone without a mask. Further, please maintain physical distance from others regardless of if they are wearing a mask or not.


We are now required to have a QR Code specific to our business where you can check-in for contact tracing purposes.

You can find instructions on downloading the free SA Gov App for COVID-tracking HERE. If you don’t have a smart phone or compatible device, we also have the option for you to manually check-in via pen and paper in our reception area. Unfortunately, SA Gov advises that appointment book records aren’t sufficient for this process so we appreciate your cooperation by either electronically or manually signing in using one of these methods. You do not need to check-out again when you leave.

So what does this look like in our practice?
– There are 5 QR Code Check-in points around our practice. The first one is outside the front door so that you can check in before you enter.
– If there is someone at the check-in point, please enter anyway and use one of the other points to avoid bottlenecks and congestion.


Please continue all normal hygiene and distancing protocols.

– Please remain 1.5m from anyone outside of your family group
– Please sit in the seats provided as they have been appropriately spaced. If you are unable to sit, please let us know so that we can show you straight to the space you’ll be getting adjusted. Physical distancing in our small reception area is a tad tricky if people are standing.
– Please either wash your hands or use hand sanitiser when you enter the practice
– Please aim to arrive on time to your appointment so that we can better manage physical distancing and capacity requirements
– Please consider booking your next few appointments in advance if you have a regular schedule, and/or paying for your care in advance where possible, to reduce the congestion at the front desk and reception area.
– Please consider taking an emailed receipt where possible, if you don’t require a printed receipt (we understand that many people require a printed receipt so we are still more than happy to provide these)
– Please use contactless payment methods where possible (we are still taking all payment methods if you need to use another payment method)
– Please be prepared for us to usher you to a certain area if we need to monitor spacing (we’ll do it as nicely as possible!). Our Chiropractic Assistants will be taking people straight to the adjusting spaces where possible, to minimise the number of people in a given area and to reduce contact points around the practice.


Thank you in advance for cooperating with all these additional COVID-related measures. We like to take our adjusting and your Chiropractic care very seriously, and have fun with everything else we do. These rules are definitely testing us, but stretching our ability to pivot and adapt! We look forward to coming out the other side with you.


A few other reminders for you while you’re here…
1. We’ll be open over the Christmas break but with reduced hours. Keep an eye on our home page for an update on these hours (scroll towards the bottom)
2. Remember that we have moved premises! We’re now at 71 Belair Road, Kingswood

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