In the simplest terms, we are CLOSED (sad face). The latest government direction is that this is a full closure, and we are not available for emergency care, as we had first thought.

At this stage, we are closed from Thursday 19th November until Tuesday 24th November, inclusive. We are hoping to re-open our doors on Wednesday 25th November however we must be prepared that our closure may be longer, as the government reassess this daily.

We understand that you may have many questions around this (as have we!) so we hope we have covered a few here. Please check back in regularly as we add more resources and information to support you during this time.

What is the best way to get in contact during this time?

You have options:

1. Complete THIS form – it’s quick and easy.

2. Our phones have been diverted to a mobile – if you call the practice number, you will still reach us.

3. If you would like to text us, please use the number 0434 052 040.
Please note: This number is only active when our phones are down or in emergency situations, so please don’t save this as the regular phone number once we reopen (there’s a very high possibility we’ll miss it!)

Do I still have an appointment booked?

If you had an appointment booked from 19th November to 24th November, your appointment has been automatically cancelled.

If you have an appointment from Wednesday 25th November onwards, it is still booked in. As we learn more about further restrictions, we will be in touch. At this stage, your appointment still stands but please be prepared that this may change.

We didn’t receive final instruction on our closure until about 9pm before the lockdown, so we have had trouble getting this message out. We are SO sorry if we’ve missed you! If you responded to our text message, we won’t have received it as it went straight to our appointment book program which we don’t have access to from home.

How do I make an appointment or check on my next appointment?

IF you would like to be contacted to make an appointment once we’re back in the office, please complete THIS form (click here).

IF you had an appointment this week and it has been automatically cancelled, we will contact you on Wednesday 25th November to find another time for you. Promise. But feel free to use THIS form anyway to make contact easier.

Watch this space in case our closure has to go beyond the 25th – the government are reassessing this daily. As we are not in the office, we have limited contact details for you.

If in doubt… and we’ve confused you… complete the form or phone us (8272 5899)

What can I do to support my body and health while I can't get adjusted?

Our number one recommendation is to keep moving. Don’t get sucked into the Netflix Life! People who live a sedentary life tend to present to us worse than those who are active.

Start with this set of exercises: STRAIGHTEN UP AUSTRALIA
These are super simple and take approximately 2 minutes. Do them 2-3 times a day to keep your spine mobile.

There are already a few other RESOURCES on our website to help support your body during your everyday activities, but we will update this space as we put together more ‘lockdown-specific’ content.

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